Kyneton and District Tennis Club

Wednesday Twilight Tennis
Summer Comp

Frequently Asked Questions

How many players in a team?
3 players in a team. You can have more players to allow for players to have a week off.

What if I don’t have a team? That is okay we can help out with that! Simply complete the registration form and email it to and we will be in touch!

How many sets do we play?
Two sets. Each sets are doubles, no singles.

I want to play but cannot commit to every week?
That is fine too! You can be either assigned as a 4th person to a team and work out your dates within the team or you can simply be a fill-in to be called upon when needed. On the registration form make sure you put your preference.

Do I need to be a member of the Kyneton & District Tennis Club?
Yes. If you are not already a member go to the Resources page and become one!

What is the cost?
The fees can be found on the Membership Form. Please note there is an additional ball fee. We are working with club to include this additional amount into the one membership fee. So we will keep you posted!

What if I have more questions? Email and we will either email or call you.